Samara Winterfeld

Samara Winterfeld

Vice President of Product Strategy

Samara Winterfeld is the vice president of product strategy at Xperi where she empowers all levels of product leadership to make the Xperi vision reality.
With more than 15 years of experience working with distributed teams and leveraging Agile workflows, Samara works collaboratively across the organization to reduce complexity and speed decision-making. She firmly believes there is always a better way of working, and today will be the day to find it. Samara joined DTS, a part of Xperi, in 2013.

Company Updates
3월 14, 2024
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Creating a Culture of Innovation

In nature, evolution doesn’t happen within a rigid framework. In the simplest terms, evolution is a response to changing conditions. In the business world, especially...
people at a desk
9월 26, 2023
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Designing for Equity and Inclusion

Here at Xperi, we are constantly in the process of innovation. We are driven by thinking about how to solve our industry’s problems and make...