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Vestel TV with TiVo OS
August 31, 2022 Xperi

Today at IFA, Xperi announced the launch of its independent media platform, TiVo OS. Consumer electronics leader Vestel will ship the first smart TVs Powered by TiVo™ in Europe beginning in 2023.
Unlike existing platforms, which are largely built around “walled gardens,” TiVo OS is a first-of-its-kind neutral platform, aimed at giving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) significantly more control over the user experience and helping consumers cut through the clutter of streaming and linear content options with simplified, universal discovery to consumers. With an award-winning content-first experience, global content provider scale and profitable partnership model, Powered by TiVo™ is the ultimate independent smart TV operating system. 
To learn more about this exciting milestone read the press release here or visit the TiVo OS website here.