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As part of Xperi, DTS has been dedicated to extraordinary entertainment solutions at home and on the go for nearly 30 years. Its sensational entertainment ecosystem partnerships continue to grow heading into IFA 2022.

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Experience DTS

DTS Play-Fi®: The simplest way to enable a whole-home wireless ecosystem, with support for name brand TVs, AVRs, speakers, sound bars and more.

DTS Solutions Include:

• DTS Play-FI Home Theater, the first technology to provide a wireless surround sound set-up directly from a TV over standard WiFi.

• Multi-room grouping for music and TV audio, and app-based headphone-listening – complimentary features that ease the experience.

• Hi-res 24/192 music streaming and sub-millisecond synchronization between DTS Play-Fi speakers and video source.

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DTS Play-Fi EISA awards list

DTS Play-Fi Wins Big at the EISA Awards

Just announced in mid-August, eight DTS Play-Fi products were honored with Best Product at the ’22-’23 EISA awards. The Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) is made up of over 60 global, well-respected publications and websites covering Hi-Fi, home theatre video, home theatre audio, photography, mobile devices and in-car electronics.

• Philips Fidelio FB1 Soundbar – Integrated Soundbar

• Philips 55OLED807 TV – Best Buy OLED TV

• Philips 55PUS8807 TV – Best Family TV

• Philips 65OLED+937 TV – Home Theater TV

• Hisense U5120GW Soundbar – Home Theater Soundbar

• Loewe klang system – Home Theater Solution

• SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers – Best Value Wireless Speakers

• TCL C935U – Best Buy Soundbar

DTS Play-Fi Products Coming Soon:

• Hisense HS216 Soundbar
• Loewe klang bar3mr Soundbar
• Philips B8507 Soundbar
• Philips B8907 Soundbar
• Philips Fidelio FS1 Speaker
• Philips Fidelio FW1 Subwoofer
• Philips OLED+937 Series TV
• Philips OLED807 Series TV
• Philips OLED707 Series TV
• Philips PML9507 Series TV
• Philips PUS8807 Series TV
• Philips PUS8507 Series TV
• Philips PUS8007 Series TV
• SVS Prime Wireless Pro Soundbase Amplifier
• Vestel TV

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IMAX Enhanced combines the best of IMAX® and DTS®, bringing the worlds most immersive entertainment experience into he home and beyond.

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Experience IMAX Enhanced

IMAX Enhanced certified devices continue to be added to the ecosystem and are optimized for content playback, showcasing brighter, clearer images and the full dynamic range of the IMAX signature sound experience by DTS in the home and beyond. Fans can now enjoy IMAX Enhanced content at the highest fidelity – just as the filmmaker intended – with a growing library of IMAX Enhanced films available in 4K HDR streaming and Ultra HD Blu-ray.

DTS and IMAX Enhanced Solutions Include:

• DTS:X® for truly immersive audio.

• IMAX Enhanced partnerships, including new content providers and CE manufactures across display and audio.

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Bringing entertainment to millions of people around the world, TiVo makes it easy for people to find, watch and enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows and sports across steaming service in one simple and intuitive experience.

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The Next Evolution of Smart TV

With and award-winning experience, meaningful scale and built with lifetime customer relationships, the industry is selecting Powered by TiVo™ as its next independent smart TV OS platform.

Experience. Scale. Profitablility.

Co-branded, Powered by TiVo smart TVs create superfans for life by enabling TV OEMs and consumers to own their TV experience.

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• Powered by TiVo smart TVs include consumers’ favorite global and regional content, delivering the ultimate home entertainment experience every time they turn on the TV.

• Powered by TiVo is a cost-conscious, turnkey solution integrated across TV soCs and global advertising platforms, minimizing support and maximizing opportunity.

• From easy set-up to natural voice navigation, Powered by TiVo smart TVs always consider the consumer experience at the point of sale to unboxing to everyday use.

• Designed with the lastest technologies, Powered by TiVo smart TVs are fast, accurate, and responsive.

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