Perceive Patents

Xperi Inc.’s Perceive technologies are protected by intellectual property rights worldwide, including copyrights, trade secrets, and patents.

The following patents may be applicable to Xperi Inc.’s Perceive technologies: US10453220, US10586151, US10592732, US10671888, US10740434, US10742959, US10863127, US10867247, US10885674, US10887537, US10936951, US10937196, US10977338, US11003736, US11017295, US11043006, US11049013, US11094090, US11113603, US11151695, US11163986, US11170289, US11205115, US11210586, US11222257, US11244477, US11250326, US11250840, US11295200, US11341397, US11347297, US11348006, US11361213, US11373325, US11403530, US11429861, US11468145, US11475310, US11481612, US11494657, US11501138, US11531727, US11531868, US11531879, US11537870, US11568227, US11586902, US11586910.

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