Xperi wins big at IFA 2022

9월 28, 2022 Xperi

Xperi’s dedication to extraordinary entertainment every moment of the day was on full display at IFA 2022.

A star-studded launch for TiVo® OS

Welcome to the next evolution of smart TV!

“We estimate that nearly 40% of the smart-TV market is searching for a truly independent platform like ours,” said Jon Kirchner, CEO, Xperi.

To deliver on this smart-TV need, we engineered a neutral platform that allows manufacturers to establish brand loyalty directly with their consumers and puts them in control of data collection for better consumer engagement.

TiVo OS’s independent media platform allows user choice and control, including an award-winning user experience and best-in-class voice search capabilities, enabling subscriber acquisition and retention for content services. Powered by TiVo™ smart TVs deliver the ultimate home entertainment experience for millions of people around the world.

TiVo welcomes Vestel as first OEM partner in Europe

Vestel, one of the leading European TV producers, will launch Powered by TiVo smart TVs as part of a multi-year, multi-country, multi-million-unit agreement, with the first units expected to ship in 2023.

“TiVo has a proven track record in making it easy for consumers to find, watch and enjoy the content they love,” said Turan Erdoğan, CEO, Vestel. “We’re excited about partnering with TiVo to provide a European-focused Vestel smart TV Powered by TiVo OS to provide consumers the experience they want.”

DTS Play-Fi® amazes IFA attendees

Hot on the heels of a string of wins at the 2022-2023 EISA Awards, DTS showcased several new offerings, bringing its award-winning hi-res wireless sound to more home theater systems. DTS Play-Fi is the only whole home wireless solution to support 7.1.4 surround sound, which offers more channels for a higher-caliber audio experience.

“We are excited to be partnering with leaders such as Vestel and Philips to bring the extraordinary DTS Play-Fi sound experience to more homes around the world,” said Dannie Lau, general manager, DTS Play-Fi. “As we approach our 30th anniversary, DTS continues to be the benchmark for the highest-quality sound that delivers immersive entertainment experiences.”

IFA attendees got the first look at Vestel’s first DTS Play-Fi enabled TVs, with access to leading music services, such as Tidal and Amazon Music. Additional functions include: multi-room audio capabilities for music and TV sound, a portable listening experience that extends TV audio to iOS and Android mobile devices and interoperability with more than 400 Play-Fi products from 30+ brands.

Incredible sound + vision = IMAX® Enhanced

The immersive IMAX Enhanced experience was on full display during IFA at the Xperi booth, as well as with our many partners, including Vestel and TP Vision. IFA attendees saw firsthand how IMAX Enhanced pairs premium consumer electronics and fan-favorite Hollywood films to deliver the ultimate home viewing experience. To address growing demand, the IMAX Enhanced ecosystem continues to expand by adding new certified television and audio devices including TP Vision, Vestel, LG, TCL, Sony and Hisense.

Xperi brings home the gold

Best in show? You betcha! Trusted Reviews gave TiVo OS the IFA 2022 Best in Show award, proving smart and personalized TV interfaces is changing the smart-TV revolution. Not to be outdone, DTS Play-Fi got in on the action, winning the Omdia Innovation Award: Showstoppers, Judge’s Choice. With the Philips Fidelio FS1 built around DTS Play-Fi, Stuff couldn’t help but honor this powerful portable with an IFA 2022 Award.

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