Xperi Promotes Skill Building and Empowers Returnee Talent at HerRising Career Fair

Xperi and herkey
October 4, 2023 Xperi

In a world where technology is the driving force behind innovation and progress, the representation of women in the tech industry continues to be critical.  

Recognizing this importance, Xperi sponsored the HerRising career fair, hosted by HerKey, India’s largest career engagement platform for women. This event aimed to connect talented women in tech with inclusive organizations. More than 3,000 women from across India participated in the event, seeking opportunities to shape their careers and make a mark in the technology sector.  

Xperi’s active involvement in the event left an indelible mark, both in terms of engagement and empowerment. 

Meeting incredible talent 

At the HerRising career fair, Xperi’s booth stood as a beacon of opportunities for aspiring women in tech. Our team had the privilege of interacting with more than 1,200 enthusiastic attendees, fostering connections and inspiring future collaborations. But it was not just about the numbers — it was about fostering an environment where women in tech could thrive. 

Promoting skill building 

Xperi’s involvement was further enhanced by software development manager Charishma Chundi’s participation in a panel discussion on unlocking opportunities. During the discussion, she shared her personal journey of learning and growing at Xperi, shedding light on the values that define us.  

Charishma’s story highlighted how mentorship played a crucial role in her growth and development, underscoring Xperi’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing an environment conducive to individual and professional growth. 

Promoting returnee talent and inclusivity 

Xperi also engaged in a roundtable discussion titled Unlock Returnship. Urvashi Verma, senior manager of talent acquisition in APAC, took center stage to discuss the company’s dedication to inclusion and diversity.  

Urvashi spoke about the Unpause program, an initiative aimed at reigniting the careers of returnee talent. This program exemplifies Xperi’s commitment to creating an equitable workspace that values diverse perspectives and experiences, ensuring that every individual can thrive, regardless of their career journey. 

Xperi’s commitment to diversity and inclusion 

Xperi’s participation in the HerRising career fair is an example of our dedication to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.  

It is not merely a one-time engagement but part of an ongoing journey to pave the way for change and inclusivity in the world of technology. We understand that empowering women in tech is not just about gender equality; it is about tapping into a vast pool of talent and perspectives that can drive innovation, creativity and progress. 

As we move forward, we continue to walk the path toward a more equitable tech industry, one that embraces the talents of all, regardless of gender or background. This is not just Xperi’s goal — it is a shared vision for a brighter, more inclusive future in technology.