Xperi Donates to Employee-Nominated Organizations in Season of Giving Drawing

November 29, 2022 Xperi

This November, Xperi invited U.S. employees to enter their favorite non-profit organization into our second annual Season of Giving Drawing. A random generator picked five charities from the submissions and Xperi donated $2,000 to those organizations on National Giving Tuesday.

Here’s a little bit about this year’s recipients and why they mean so much to the employees that nominated them.

Women’s Audio Mission
Nominated by Samara Winterfeld, Vice President of Product Strategy & Executive Sponsor of Xperi’s Women in Tech Employee Resource Group

Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) is an amazing non-profit in the Bay Area I have worked with on and off since it was founded about 20 years ago. They are dedicated to the advancement of women and gender-expansive people in music and audio production and creative technology. With studio facilities in San Francisco and Oakland, WAM has placed over 1,000 women and gender-expansive people in jobs across our industry, and has provided training and mentoring to over 22,000.

Trot Search and Rescue
Nominated by Larry Raskin, Program Manager – Digital Radio Applications

Trot Search and Rescue (TrotSAR) is a horse-mounted search and rescue team searching for missing people. Over the last several years TrotSAR has assisted with people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and despondent individuals. The TrotSAR mounted team has been providing a public service to emergency services communities within the Mid-Atlantic region since 1992. TrotSAR mounted team is a non-government, volunteer-based first responder resource that serves government public safety organizations in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Nominated by April Lawrence, Sr. Analyst – Data

I live in an area where wild donkeys roam my neighborhood and it is one of the most amazing things about where I live. The donkeys occasionally get hurt in traffic and sometimes are abused by bad people. When the local residents find an injured donkey, we immediately contact DonkeyLand as well as animal control. DonkeyLand helps the wild donkeys in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in California. DonkeyLand works to save lives and educate the public about the plight of these animals—both in captivity and in the wild—inspiring humankind to love, respect and protect these innocent creatures.
Nominated by Nathan Peirce, Software Engineer – Data aims to prevent the global atmospheric CO2 concentration from exceeding 350 parts per million, or rather, that was the original idea, but we may need to do better than that. One way or another, we can’t burn fossil fuels forever and so we will have to use 100 percent renewables. The only question is whether we will choose the soft landing or the hard landing. encourages us to take that choice seriously and choose wisely. This means so much to me because I love the earth.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Liver Transplant Program
Nominated by Kristin Metchis, Sr. Manager – HR Business Partner

With more than 20 years of pediatric liver transplant expertise than more than 325 pediatric liver transplants performed, the Liver and Intestinal Transplant program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles currently performs the highest number of pediatric transplants in Southern California, serving pediatric patients in need of liver transplantation through both deceased and living donor transplants. This program means so much to me because my 8-year-old daughter, Emily was born with Biliary Atresia (liver disease) and will one day need a liver transplant. We need more research and a cure!

The giving continued outside of the U.S. with Xperi India donating to Bangalore Oniyavara Seva Coota—an orphanage for young at-risk children living on the streets of Bangalore.