TiVo OS Shines at the Connected TV World Summit in London

The crowd at Connected TV World Summit
April 17, 2023 Xperi

Xperi was a sponsor of the recent Connected TV World Summit in London. A mainstay event in the European calendar that’s attended by over 500 delegates from across the pay-TV, consumer electronics and advertising sectors, the event covered key topic areas including:

  • How free-to-air stays relevant in a streaming world;
  • How pay-TV and operators are still important despite the rush of direct-to-consumer and free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST);
  • Monetization opportunities for an increased addressable base;
  • Win-wins in the smart TV OS arena.

This last area was the topic of conversation between Xperi’s general manager of EMEA Gabriel Cosgrave, business development director Lisette Preston-Barnes and leading journalist John Moulding.

In a session titled Creating the Win-Win: How to Bring a Truly Monetizable and Independent Media Platform to Market, Gabriel shared why TiVo brought a new option for TV manufacturers to market with a first-of-its-kind independent media platform that allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to own the brand experience whilst benefitting from TiVo’s content-first experience, global content scale and profitable partnership model.

“We believe the market is ripe for an independent media platform,” said Gabriel. “Some of the bigger tech giants are driving a lot of things towards a controlled environment around roadmaps and brand decisions. We pride ourselves in going a different direction which we call Powered by TiVo — not controlled by TiVo.”

Lisette then dove into the mechanics of the monetization opportunity that TiVo OS presents for TV OEMs and retailers. TiVo is no newcomer to this, with decades of monetization experience in North America.  

“Other OS platforms tend to take over not only control of the user experience, but also take control of the customer in the end,” said Lisette. “Beyond the sale of the TV, there’s no other margins that the OEM can make. On top of that, they take the viewing data and turn that into their own products and create walled gardens. TiVo’s idea was to create an open OS that offers an alternative to the OEMs to continue to have recurring revenue for the product lifecycle.”

Watch the full session:

Differentiating between TV OS offerings

During the summit, Colin Dixon from nScreenmedia sat down with Gabriel and vice president of business development and strategy Patrick Byrden. Colin noted that many TV OS products look the same and asked where the opportunity was to differentiate. Patrick shared about the opportunity to differentiate both on the UX with a superior holistic voice-led discovery experience and on the business model side with our monetization model that gives more opportunity to the OEMs.

Watch their conversation: