TiVo honoured at annual CSI Awards for TiVo Match Score

September 27, 2021 Xperi

We’ve done it again! TiVo Match Scores has been honoured as the winner of the

the Best data & analytics innovation category at the 19th Annual CSI Awards.

Today consumers have access to more streaming services than ever before but how do they know which is right for them?

TiVo Match Score is the new way to know which streaming services are right for you.

Using the intelligence of TiVo’s Personalised Content Discovery platform, the TiVo Match score is continuously updated to reflect how a consumer’s changing media preferences are cross-referenced to the changing content catalogue of each streaming service. This means that at any point in time a consumer can see which streaming services make the most sense to subscribe to and which are no longer meeting their needs, thus giving them the information they need to be able to exercise control over how they spend their entertainment dollars.

TiVo Match Score enables customers to find, watch and enjoy content that suits their unique taste profile.

To find out more about TiVo Match score please visit this page.