The Future of In-Car Entertainment from a UX Perspective

August 8, 2023 Xperi

Recently, DTS collaborated with industry leaders to discuss the evolution of in-car entertainment from a user experience (UX) perspective. Hosted by SBD Automotive’s Adam Jefferson, user experience specialist for connected car, the webinar featured Anthony Landamia, director of product management at Xperi, and Konrad Kabaja, chief technology officer at Siili Automotive.  

The experts shared their insights on the future of automotive, involving personalized and content-first experiences for passengers in vehicles. The next-gen car will be a third space with smart, safe and enjoyable mobility. 

To set the stage, Adam Jefferson introduced the latest automotive trends and the proliferation of large screens. He emphasized the importance of infotainment systems in modern vehicles and their impact on the overall customer experience. He mentioned the potential of generative AI (artificial intelligence), biometrics, personalization and predictive services in creating hyper-intelligent systems tailored to individual passengers. 

However, challenges persist in designing effective human-machine interfaces (HMIs) for vehicles. Konrad Korbaja highlighted solutions by adopting a user-first approach and considering human factors, personalization and the changing patterns of car usage with the rise of electric vehicles. As a result, Siili Automotive’s recent collaboration with Xperi designs the future entertainment experience, using iterations, prototyping and testing to create a user-friendly interface. 

Xperi’s focus is on bringing connected car solutions to the market, creating personalized environments for vehicle occupants by leveraging in-cabin sensing technologies, audio, video and metadata technologies. Anthony Landamia described how Xperi curates individualized spaces for each occupant, offering content based on their preferences and context. Also, aggregated content-first experiences provide relevant content to users without overwhelming them with choices, as demonstrated in DTS AutoStage reference HMI.  

With Xperi’s technology integrated into millions of vehicles and devices, the company aims to create seamless and extraordinary interactions for users in partnership with leading brands trailblazing the road for in-car entertainment. 

Watch the full webinar:  

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