Latest Updates for TiVo at IFA 2023

September 1, 2023 Xperi

TiVo has had a tremendous year – from launching its new Independent Media Platform for smart TV OEMs, to announcing its first smart TV OEM partners, and the strategic expansion of its video streaming services into the car.

TiVo has revolutionized the way people find, watch and enjoy the content they love, catalyzing a shift in the consumption of video entertainment. At IFA 2023, TiVo takes center stage as they showcase their revolutionary TiVo operating system (OS) platform in collaboration with esteemed smart TV partners, Sharp and Vestel. Additionally, TiVo’s Video Service will be integrated in the car with BMW to showcase the future of in-car streaming entertainment.

In case unfamiliar, TiVo OS is an unbiased, neutral platform that offers OEMs a chance to own their brand experience and gain significantly more control on how viewers consume content. This approach builds brand affinity, drives TV demand and viewership and retention for content services. TiVo serves up the best movies, shows, sports and videos from across live TV, on-demand, streaming services and countless apps – so there’s less searching and more watching in one integrated experience. This content first approach delivers a best-in-class discovery and recommendation curation for consumers, with an easy to navigate UI and natural voice navigation. TiVo OS is a complete, turnkey solution for OEMs looking to roll out a new generation of smart TVs globally, efficiently and cost-effectively – delivering a user experience that drives TV demand and viewership.

Supplementing OEM partners that have embraced the TiVo OS in the past year, the team has also successfully onboarded a multitude of content partners to the platform, such as Rakuten TV, Tubi, and Pluto TV, which contribute extensive and engaging content library to the TiVo platform, enhancing the entertainment choices available.

Whether looking for movies, music, TV shows or podcasts, consumers want personalized recommendations tailored to their entertainment preferences. As the number of available services continues to expand, the significance of impartial and personalized search and discovery has never been more important.

Personalization and recommendations extends beyond the confines of smart TVs. The automotive industry is making extensive investments in heightening connectivity, dramatically altering the in-cabin entertainment experience. To provide the automotive industry with the latest technology for in-car entertainment, Xperi’s legendary brands TiVo and DTS have united their strengths to create DTS AutoStage™ video service, Powered by TiVo™. This introduces an exceptional, award-winning personalized content-first experience to the connected car. It not only offers a diverse range of free premium content, including live TV, news, sports, movies, and more, while giving viewers more control on how they consume content.

BMW is the first to adopt this technology as they offer drivers the chance to stream and enjoy content while they charge their vehicle, wait in a line, or even take a quick break during errands or their work day. BMW will be serving up content from partners such as Bloomberg Television, Pluto TV, Tubi, Yahoo and local German provider Joyn.

This transformative year stands as a testament to TiVo’s unwavering commitment to innovation and partnership. With each stride forward, TiVo solidifies its role as a pioneer in reshaping how we experience content, with much more on the horizon.

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