Getting to the Next Big Thing in Automotive

Man and women smiling in a car
June 27, 2022 Xperi

Delivering seamless, integrated experiences that enable consumers to access and enjoy connectivity, content and services on the go are critical priorities for the automotive industry.

The rising demand for intuitive, easy-to-use technologies in the automotive ecosystem was a discussion topic at the 2022 Xperi Media Day break-out panel session moderated by Joe D’Angelo, Xperi Senior VP of global radio and digital audio.

“It’s the holy grail for the industry,” said Manuel Pereira, business development manager at Visteon, a global automotive electronics supplier. Pereira emphasized how the challenge to integrate day-to-day digital tools in the cabin is driving opportunities for industry collaboration for creating safe, immersive offerings while maintaining the safety and integrity of the traditional in-car experience.

Collaboration for Transformation

Breaking down entrenched organizational silos is the first step toward comprehensive digital integration of consumers’ lives into today’s vehicles, according to Jeff Jury, GM, Automotive at Xperi.

He said it’s a challenge that will require teamwork across the ecosystem; participants in the value chain will need to determine which features and functions should be simplified, adapted and moved into vehicles.

Safety First

Pereira said safety is the North Star and key to sustained success for technology in the cockpit. Preserving driver focus and minimizing distraction is crucial, especially with the increased availability of compelling connected car experiences.

That’s why Xperi and key partners like Visteon are focused on go-to-market infotainment and cockpit safety solutions. Driver-monitoring applications, for instance, can help both drivers and passengers enjoy infotainment features while providing guardrails for correcting unfocused behavior.