IMAX Enhanced is coming to a PC near you

A woman watching a movie on her laptop
May 18, 2023 Xperi

Leaving the comfort of your living room does not mean you’re leaving a great entertainment experience behind. In partnership with HP, we’re expanding the IMAX Enhanced ecosystem to include mobile PCs and laptops so consumers can continue to enjoy immersive, high quality content experiences wherever they watch content.  

According to a study from Nielsen, 51% of people watch TV on their laptops. Additionally, in a separate study from Omdia Research, it was reported that portable devices with larger screens such as laptops and tablets are the second most common devices for streaming long-form movie content. We are all aware that streaming is more popular than ever but where folks are streaming is just as crucial a component, as consumers are going to expect the same level of quality, regardless of the medium or device.  

The new HP Envy x360 15.6 laptop was announced in late April 2023, offering a seamless way for consumers to enjoy the benefits of IMAX Enhanced, with stunning 4K picture and crisp, heart-pounding DTS:X sound. This is the first IMAX Enhanced certified PC and represents a major milestone in the world of mobile home entertainment.  

The goal of IMAX Enhanced has always been to deliver the best possible viewing experience outside of the theatre, where the majority of entertainment content is consumed. IMAX Enhanced was first available on TVs and AV receivers, sound bars and loudspeakers before it expanded into mobile and now to laptops.  

But the way we measure and test quality remains very similar across different device categories. IMAX and DTS work closely with OEM partners during certification for both the display and the audio components. Products go through a rigorous calibration process to ensure brightness, contrast ratio and other performance factors meet the IMAX Enhanced specifications. Similarly, with audio, DTS:X allows sounds to move freely around the listener to make them feel more immersed in the content. But even if it isn’t multi-channel or immersive content, DTS still has technology to significantly improve the audio experience through virtualization and device specific processing. Essentially, consumers can expect the best audio form factor and the best possible display.

As viewing behaviors and device technologies continue to evolve, IMAX and DTS represent the pinnacle of premium entertainment, using our collective heritage and expertise to deliver the highest quality viewing experience when and where fans demand it. Launching the first IMAX Enhanced PC with the HP Envy x360 15.6 laptop signals our intent to maintain the quality standard fans know and expect from IMAX, wherever they watch.   

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