Get to Know Swati Deshpande, Research & Development Engineer

Employee Spotlight Swati Deshpande
February 28, 2023 Xperi


Data-center Audio/Visual Intelligence on-Device (DAVID) / Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF)

Office Location:

Galway, Ireland

How do you create extraordinary experiences in your role?

I work on developing the latest technologies in the field of deep learning (computer vision) with a group of experts in artificial intelligence. My responsibilities include carrying out state-of-the-art research and implementation for our use cases. I also contribute to the team by developing new software tools that can be used to make other tasks easier.

How long have you worked at Xperi and what led you to our industry?

I have been with Xperi for about a year now. I am passionate about the work in the field of artificial intelligence. The collaborative work that happens here is why I came back to Xperi full-time after finishing my internship here. I’ve learned so much and I find it to be a good fit for me with the positive work environment among my team.

Fun Facts:

Who inspires you?

My mom and dad. I wish I could be as energetic and happy as they are at their age. They are hard-working and humble at the same time. They inspire me to never stop learning and to give my best in everything I do.

When you’re not at work, how do you spend your time?

I am an artist at heart. I paint in my free time and love to blend colours and bring out shades that make it appear realistic. I love listening to music of all kinds from classical to rock and even rap, which is a rare combination.