Employee Spotlight: Lu Estes, Senior Manager, Marketing Programs

Photo of Lu Estes
August 17, 2022 Xperi

Office Location:
San Jose (Gold Street), CA, USA

Describe your role in three sentences:
I am a senior manager on Xperi’s marketing programs team. Our team handles the planning and execution of global tradeshows and events and falls within the larger marketing organization. Since our team is involved in all aspects of event planning, my role gives me the opportunity to interact with a variety of internal teams as well as many of our external customers and partners. One of the best but most challenging parts of event management is that it’s always changing and evolving—you have to be ready for anything!

How long have you worked at Xperi and what led you to our industry?
I have worked at Xperi for four and a half years, and I came to Xperi as part of the merger with TiVo. Prior to Xperi, I had a long stint in video game marketing working as a channel marketing account manager supporting retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target. I joined TiVo in 2017 because I was a fan of the brand and the role allowed me to pivot away from retail and use the project management skills I had gained through my previous roles. When I started, the role included a digital marketing component, so I worked on TiVo B2B emails and campaigns as well.

Fun Facts:
When you’re not at work, how do you spend your time?
When I’m not working, I spend most of my time with my friends and family. I love exploring my local area and when I’m traveling I look forward to trying different restaurants and learning about the cities I’m in. I enjoy going to museums and sporting events—especially baseball games (Go Giants!). I also like cooking, baking and wine (not in that order).

What is your favorite movie or TV show?
I have many but one I will watch every time I stumble upon it is Shawshank Redemption. As for TV, I watch a lot so sometimes it’s what is top of mind at the moment: Warrior (HBO Max), Yellowjackets (Showtime), This is Us (NBC). My guilty pleasure is Big Brother (CBS).