DTS Celebrates 30 Years of Sensational

DTS 30th
June 20, 2023 Xperi

In 1993, DTS introduced digital audio for film to the world through thrilling immersive sound in the blockbuster film, “Jurassic Park.” Today, DTS is trusted by leading brands and content creators to make every experience sensational.  

Built on 30 years of innovation and expertise, our technologies have raised the bar for immersive, intuitive entertainment as consumer preferences have evolved from cinemas to living rooms to cars. Bridging the physical and digital worlds, DTS enables entertainment experiences that transport audiences to places beyond their imagination, igniting the senses. For millions of consumers worldwide, DTS is dedicated to sensational.  

Marking the brand’s 30th anniversary, DTS released its Tuning In To Sensational Entertainment Trends report uncovering consumers’ preferences and habits around their entertainment experiences, at home and on the go. The survey, done in partnership with Opinium, showcases that sound quality is very to somewhat important to 85% of respondents when watching shows or movies on TV.   

Tuning In To Sensational Entertainment Trends Report Highlights  

  • Streamline home entertainment set-up: Respondents are looking to simplify their home entertainment set-up by preferring interconnected home systems that take five minutes or less to set up (72%); are compatible with their current systems (71%); work over Wi-Fi (63%).  
  • Audio amplifies gaming experiences: Gamer respondents are seeking the perfect auditory companion to complement their gameplay, listening most frequently to audio through their TV (47%), using headphones (41%) or through their smartphone (40%).  
  • Evolving preferences in the connected car: As more drivers view their vehicles as a third space, drivers would most like their vehicle to offer a more comfortable physical environment (41%); automatically understand their seat position, temperature, lighting and entertainment choices when they enter the vehicle (39%); and possess an even better audio system/sound (38%) than they already have according to a separate survey from Xperi.
  • Breaking through the noise: Multitasking has become the norm and made true entertainment immersion a challenge at home. Putting on a streaming video or music service at home is often paired with scrolling on phones (45%), cleaning the house (42%), cooking (40%) or exercising (27%).  

Find more information from the report here.