DTS Celebrates 30 Years of Audio Innovation

August 15, 2023 Xperi

It started with a roar 
Over the years, there are movies that stand out not just for stunning onscreen visuals, but for the spine-tingling auditory experience they deliver. “Jurassic Park” was one those films, and it totally changed the way we perceive sound in film. It was also the birthplace of DTS technology, and it forever changed the trajectory of sound delivery in movies and beyond. 

Expanding horizons beyond cinema
Since that pivotal moment in 1993, DTS has continued to push boundaries of audio beyond cinema to bring better entertainment experiences into homes around the world.  

DTS’s influence isn’t confined just to movies. The company’s audio expertise has been instrumental in driving innovation in the video game industry as well. The immersive 3D sound experience has transformed gaming, giving players a competitive edge.  

In good company  
DTS didn’t get here alone, — the journey started all those years ago with a close partnership, and it is partnerships forged over the last 30 years that have helped lead the development of cutting-edge technologies that have set new industry standards today.  

By collaborating with brands like Sony Pictures, Masimo, TP Vision, VIZIO, HyperX, TCL, Acer and many more, people can now experience that same spine-tingling sensation at home and on the go. 

A vision for the future 
From the iconic roar of dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park,” to the futuristic soundscapes of gaming, to entertainment in the car and beyond, DTS has been at the forefront of shaping how we engage with sound. As the world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, we’ll continue working to bring an always on, anytime, anywhere, on any device experience.  

Most importantly, it is the people, partnerships and passions that have collectively driven the evolution of audio over the last three decades. Here’s to the next 30 years! 

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