BMW Welcomes Xperi’s Independent Media Platform as Its Newest Passenger in the 5 Series

Xperi's independent media platform
May 24, 2023 Xperi

Xperi is teaming up with the BMW Group to bring the video content consumers know and love from the living room to the car. BMW’s implementation of TiVo’s video media platform will include a variety of country-specific content, offering news, movies and access to media libraries and is expected to roll out over-the-air in initial launch countries by the end of 2023.

Through TiVo’s video media platform, customers can access an ever-expanding range of video content. This includes a vast collection of linear and on-demand streaming services, as well as country-specific channels that feature news, movies and media libraries. Customers will be able to cut through the clutter of streaming and linear content options with simplified, universal discovery. The BMW implementation integrates TiVo’s video media platform into the car to deliver immersive in-car entertainment experiences.

“TiVo is revolutionizing in-car entertainment,” said Ben Maughan, general manager of smart TV media platform. “As we successfully implement our new video media platform within the smart TV market, we leverage the core living room experience we created to a space in the car with endless possibilities. TiVo’s game-changing video media platform brings a simplified content discovery and seamless control of in-car entertainment.”

Robust in-vehicle entertainment choices are important to consumers as they increasingly view their vehicle as a third space — a place outside of work and the house, a place to relax, enjoy hobbies and escape the stresses of work. Being able to use their vehicle as a third space is the top reason drivers say their personal vehicle is more important to them today than ever before.[1]

“Consumers are evolving to view their car as a meaningful and enjoyable third space, rather than as a simple transportation device. It’s from the privacy and safety of their vehicle where they increasingly choose to relax, communicate or be productive,” said Jeff Jury, senior vice president and general manager of connected car. “The automotive industry’s response to add connectivity and larger screens marks a new era for entertainment and in-car experiences, which favors companies such as Xperi and includes the adoption of seamless video streaming, movies, games and more.”

Based on decades of experience growing profitable consumer electronics and entertainment ecosystems, the TiVo video media platform is designed to delight consumers and help them find, watch and enjoy the entertainment they love, maximizing the in-car entertainment experience.

[1] “The Vehicle as a Third Space” report