Last Updated: October 20, 2023

Xperi Inc., and its affiliates and subsidiaries(collectively “Xperi”),respects your privacy, and we are
committed to protecting the privacy and security of your Personal Information. This Employee
and Applicant Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) describes how we collect and use Personal
Information about you during and after your employment, employment-seeking engagements or
interactions with us (collectively, your “Employment”). It applies globally to all current and former
employees, workers, and independent contractors, whether alone or through an agency or
contracting service (collectively “Employees”), as well as current and former job seekers and/or
applicants (collectively “Applicants”). This Privacy Notice also applies to Personal Information
processing activities that we may direct our affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, service providers or
other authorized third parties to do for Xperi. Please remember that our Terms of Use may also
govern your use of our products or services.

  • This Privacy Notice does not create or form part of any contract for employment, whether
    temporary or permanent, or other contract to provide or receive services. When we use the
    terms ‘employment’ or ‘employee’ throughout this Privacy Notice, we do so for simplicity and in
    no way is such use intended to imply the existence, where there is none, of an employment
    relationship between you and Xperi.
    It is important that you read and retain this Privacy Notice, as well as any other communications,
    policies, or postings from Xperi regarding your privacy that we may provide when we are
    collecting or processing your Personal Information.YOUR RIGHTS AND PREFERENCES

    Privacy and data laws in different countries and regions around the world give individuals certain
    rights in relation to their Personal Information. We conduct our Employment privacy practices
    according to this global Privacy Notice, our corporate privacy policies and guidebooks, the
    applicable Code of Conduct, and the relevant laws of the countries or regionsin which we interact
    with you. In case of conflict between this Privacy Notice and or / other Xperi policies and local
    laws, local laws will prevail.


    “Personal Information” means any information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably
    capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with an
    individual. Personal Information does not include data that cannot be associated with you, such
    as de-identified or anonymized information (“Deidentified Information”). We may collect, store,
    or use the following categories of Personal Information about you:

  • Personal Identifiers:
    • Personal contact details such as name, title, addresses, telephone numbers and
      email addresses.
    • Bank account details, payroll records, and tax status information to verify and
      process payments.
    • Driver’slicense number, date of birth, passport number, nationality/visa status, or
      related information to verify your employment eligibility, provide travel
      arrangements or provide other employment-related services to you.
    • Social Security number or other government-issued numbers for tax purposes.
  • Protected Classifications and Sensitive Personal Information:
    • Your date of birth and gender in order to verify your identity.
    • Your date of birth to file patent applications for select Employees
    • Your date of birth to fulfill the employee/employer contractual relationship
    • Your marital status and dependents for tax and benefits administration purposes.
    • If legally permitted in your jurisdiction or country, information about your race,
      ethnicity, disability, veteran’sstatus, orsexual orientation if you choose to provide
      it during the application or onboarding process. We use this information only to
      support our efforts to attract and maintain a diverse workforce, including for
      reporting required by federal law.
    • Information about your health,such as medical conditions and health and sickness
      records, when you provide this information to us and we are required to process
      such information to fulfil our obligations as an employer or for governmental
      reporting. This includes details of any absences (other than holidays) from work,
      including family leave and sick leave; if legally permitted in your jurisdiction or
      country, information related to biological screenings or testing for controlled
      substances; records related to administering and maintaining your healthcare and
      other benefits; and information about a condition needed for processing benefits
      when you leave Employment and the reason is related to your health.
    • Background checks (for select Employees).
  • Biometric Information:
    • If legally permitted in your jurisdiction or country, we may collect biometric
      information about you for purposes of verifying your identity when checking in to
      or out of work.
    • Fingerprints, retinal scans, facial scans and the like.
  • Internet or Other Electronic Network Activity Information:
    • We collect information about your use of Xperi computers and networks, including
      your use of the internet and your email communications when you are using
      company computers, websites, or systems to monitor the general security and
      wellness of the Xperi systems.
  • Geolocation Data:
    • We may collect geolocation data about you where it is relevant to the fulfillment
      of your Employment duties.
  • Audio, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory, or similar information:
    • We may store photographs of you for identity verification. Your image may be
      recorded on building security cameras or through video conferencing if you come
      to one of our locations or engage in video conferencing with us.
    • If legally permitted in your jurisdiction or country:
      • Your telephone calls may be monitored or recorded when accessing
        company resources (e.g. IT services), interacting with customers or
        members of the public.
      • Your use of company computer systems may be electronically recorded or
        otherwise monitored.
      • We do not routinely collect any of your thermal, olfactory or similar
        information, but reserve the right to do so if health and safety concerns
        require us to do so.
  • Professional or employment-related information:
    • We collect information about your professional and employment-related
      background through the recruitment process (including copies of right to work
      documentation, references and other information included in a CV or cover letter
      or as part of your application to work at Xperi).
    • During the employment or
      professional relationship, we collect information regarding your
      wages/salary/compensation, annual leave, retirement, work performance,
      disciplinary actions, and/or grievance information.
    • We may also collect information regarding job titles, salary history, work history,
      working hours, holidays, absences, training records and professional
    • For purposes of administering employee benefits, we collect health information,
      your maritalstatus, and dependent information. o Your employment records include
      information you provided during the application process about the educational
      institutions you have attended or your level of education. We also collect and
      maintain information about any professional licenses you hold, certifications you
      receive, or additional education or training you undertake during your employment.
  • Commercial Information: Collection of information related to your purchase and use of
    Xperi products or services, and information related to your preferences or



We collect Personal Information about employees and applicants through the application and
recruitment process, directly from candidates, from employment agencies, through employment
screening services, and/or background-check providers. We may collect additional information
from third parties including former employers, educational institutions, credit reference
agencies, or other sources that supply employment or identity verification services.

We may collect additional Personal Information in the course of job-related activities throughout
the time period that you work with us. This can be in the form of information you provide directly
to us or information which we collect automatically about you.

Xperi Employment activities are intended for and directed to adults, not children. If you are under
the legal age of employment in your geography, do not supply any Personal Information to any
Xperi or affiliate website for the purposes of Employment with Xperi.


We will only use your Personal Information as permitted by law. Unless we specifically disclose
otherwise, you understand that we may use any of your collected Personal Information for any
of the purposes described in this Privacy Notice. Situations in which we use your Personal
Information include:

  • Decisions related to your employment:
    • making decisions about your recruitment; determining whether to offer you a
      position and on what terms;
    • reviewing your performance; evaluating your development as an employee;
      setting your job duties and assessing our staffing needs; assessing your
      qualifications for other roles within the company or promotion; determining
      salary and compensation;
    • preparing for grievance or other disciplinary procedures, including termination;
      o dealing with legal disputes involving you or other employees, including accidents
      at work; and
    • ascertaining your fitness for work.
  • Business Purposes:
    • conducting data analytics studies to review and better understand employee
      retention and attrition rates;
    • ascertaining and fulfilling education, training, and development requirements: and
    • forselect Employees, filing patent applications or other administrative documents
      with the United States Government or other regulatory bodies.
  • Administering payments and benefits:
    • making tax and other required deductions; and
    • making decisions about salary and compensation.
  • Security measures and complying with health and safety obligations:
    • ensuring the physicalsafety of ourfacilities,resources, employees, applicants, and
      other people from threats;
    • preventing fraud and to secure our systems, data, resources, and facilities from
      unauthorized access or exploitation;
    • monitoring compliance with our IT policies;
    • ensuring network and information security, including preventing unauthorized
      access to our computer and electronic communications systems, and preventing
      malicious software distribution; and
    • investigating theft and other illegal activities.
  • Compliance with legal obligations:
    • verifying your identity; and
    • ensuring that you are legally permitted to work in the United States.
  • With your Consent:
    • Provided that consent may serve as a valid legal basis for such processing, we may
      also share your information for other purposes with your consent or at your
      direction, which you may withdraw or modify at any time by contacting us.



We do not sell your Personal Information to any third parties. However, we may disclose
aggregated or deidentified information without restriction. Otherwise, we may disclose any
collected Personal Information as described in this Privacy Notice:

  • To our affiliates, subsidiaries, and other Xperi companies.
  • To our service providers, i.e. entities we use to support our business and who are bound
    by law and contractual obligations to keep your Personal Information confidential.
  • Service providers may only use Personal Information we share with them for the
    purposes for which we disclose it to them. The categories of service providers that we
    share information with and the services they provide are:

    • Payroll services providers that assist us in calculating and disbursing your salary
      and other compensation.
    • Auditing and accounting firms that assist us with the creation and maintenance
      of our financial records.
    • Professional services consultants that perform analytics, assist with improving
      our business, provide legal services, or supply project-based resources and
    • Recruitment vendors that assist with the application process, including assessing
      candidate qualifications and providing the platform through which candidates
      submit their candidacy.
    • Data analytics services that analyze data from internal and external sources and
      assist with various data trends to improve our employee and customer
    • Security vendors that assist with security incident verification and response,
      service notifications, and fraud prevention.
    • IT vendors that assist with system design, architecture and implementation,
      hosting and maintenance; data and software storage; and network operation.
  • To other external parties when required by law or to protect Xperi or other persons, as
    described in this Privacy Notice.
  • To a buyer or other successor in the event of a merger, divestiture, restructuring,
    reorganization, dissolution, sale or other transfer of some or all of Xperi’s assets, in
    which Personal Information held by Xperi about our employees and applicants is among
    the assets transferred.DATA SECURITY

    We have implemented measures designed to secure your Personal Information from accidental
    loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration and disclosure. We use physical,
    administrative, and technical safeguards to secure Personal Information.


    To the extent permitted by law, your Personal Information is retained for the duration of your
    relationship with Xperi, plus a reasonable period thereafter as necessary to fulfil our business
    purposes disclosed in this Privacy Notice. For Employment purposes, we generally do not retain
    your Personal Information longer than a period of seven (7) years after termination of your
    Employment with us. Retention periods may be extended if we are required to preserve your
    Personal Information in connection with litigation, investigations, legal or administrative
    proceedings, or if a longer retention period is required or permitted by applicable law. To the
    extent applicable local laws does not permit usto retain your Personal Information in accordance
    with the above principles, we will follow local law principles.


    We may transfer, process, or store your Personal Information in any country or region where we
    have facilities, business operations, or in which we engage service providers (“Processors”). Some
    countries may have data protection laws that are different from the laws of your country. By
    engaging in Employment activities, you explicitly consent to the transfer of your Personal
    Information to, and the processing and storage of your Personal Information in, countries outside
    of your country of residence or the point of collection. We take reasonable steps designed to
    confirm that the Processors handle the Personal Data we transfer to it in a manner consistent
    with our legal obligations.

    You may request a copy of the safeguards that we have put in place with respect to transfers of
    Personal Information by contacting us as described in the How to Contact Us section below.


    Because Xperi has adopted a global view on privacy with the intent of providing strong privacy
    rights regardless of where an individual resides, our use of terminology in this Privacy Notice
    should be interpreted to reflect that intent. You can find additional privacy terms that may be
    relevant to your specific country or region below.


    In addition to the terms of our global Privacy Notice, Xperi wants Individuals with whom it
    interacts that are located in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (“EEA”), and
    the United Kingdom (UK) to understand the following additional privacy and data protection
    measures which may be applicable (“EU Privacy Terms”). These EU Privacy Terms apply to the
    processing by Xperi or its affiliates of Personal Information related to identified or identifiable
    individuals located in the EU, the UK, and the European Economic Area (“EU Personal Data”).

    Controlling Law and legal basis:
    During your Employment interactions with us, the collection and processing of your EU Personal
    Data will occur under the terms of our Privacy Notice, as modified or supplemented by these EU
    Privacy Terms which are intended to capture applicable privacy rules, including as from 25 May
    2018, the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

    A legal basis is required to process personal information. Xperi processes personal information
    pursuant to the GDPR:

    • Article 6 no. 1 (b) to meet the rights and obligations of the employment contract,
    • Article 6 no. 1 (c) to fulfill legal obligations,
    • Article 6 no. 1 (f) an objective and legitimate need to process personal information and
      concluded that privacy considerations do not exceed this need.

Sensitive personal information is processed pursuant to the GDPR Article 9 no. 2 (b).

For employment purposes, additional rules and principles relating to processing of your Personal
Information will follow from different local laws and regulations specifically regulating the
relationship between you as an employee and Xperi as an employer.

Access to employee email etc. in Norway

For employees employed by Norwegian Xperi entities, the Norwegian regulation on employers’
access to employees’ email accounts and other electronically stored material applies in addition
to the GDPR.

This means that Xperi, for such employees, is entitled to access employee data only if:

  • necessary to safeguard day-to-day operations. If the purpose can be achieved without
    intervention, access is not necessary and therefore not allowed.
  • other legitimate interests of the employer are relevant.
  • Xperi has reason to suspect that an employee’s use of the e-mail box or other file areas:
    • causes a serious breach of the employee duties or
    • may provide grounds for termination or dismissal

Procedural requirements apply, see the regulation Section 3.

Xperi Entity:

Xperi is the relevant data controller of Employee and Applicant data, respectively. Xperi has
adopted internal policies and implemented measures to ensure that the applicable legal
requirements are met and that your EU Personal Data is processed with respect and care using
the appropriate technology.

Managing Your Data:

  • If consent is required for us to process your EU Personal Data, you may withdraw or
    modify such consent at any time by contacting us or using any self-help tools that we
    may provide.
  • You have the right to request access to your EU Personal Data as processed by us and
    to have it corrected or deleted, unless Xperi is legally required to retain it.
  • You have also the right to restrict or object to our processing of your EU Personal Data.
    We will respond to properly submitted and verified requests within 30 days.


International Transfers:

When we transfer EU Personal Data to jurisdictions outside the jurisdiction in which you are
located, we will rely on a legal framework that provides appropriate safeguards, which could
include the standard contractual clauses, binding corporate rules, the EU-U.S. Data Privacy
Framework with respect to transfers to the United States, or another framework deemed
adequate by the European Commission. Our Notice for HR Data under the EU-U.S. Data Privacy
Framework is available at Xperi Inc. Notice for HR Data EU-US Data Privacy Framework – linked

Contacting Us in the U.S. or the EU/EEA:

Xperi Inc. commits to resolve complaints about our collection or use of your personal information.
EU individuals with inquires or complaints regarding our policy should first contact Xperi Inc. at
the following:


You may also contact us via direct mail in the US or in the European Union at:

Xperi Inc.
Attn: Legal Department (Privacy Notice) 2190 Gold
San Jose, CA 95002 United States


DTS International Services GmbH
Maximiliamsplatz 22 80333


We are required under California law to provide you with this Privacy Notice (notice of

Xperi wants individuals with whom it interacts that are in the State of California to understand
the following additional privacy and data protection measures which may be applicable
(“California Privacy Terms”). These California Privacy Terms apply to the processing by Xperi of
Personal Information related to identified or identifiable individuals and households located in
the State of California.

Controlling Law:

During your Employment interactions with us, if you are an individual or household located in
CA, the collection and processing of your Personal Information will occur under the terms of our
Privacy Notice, as modified or supplemented by these CA Privacy Terms which are intended to
capture applicable privacy rules, including the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”)
and the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (“CPRA”).
Managing Your Data:

  • Right to Category Information. You have the right to obtain information regarding
    the categories of Personal Information we collect, use, sell, or disclose and our
    collection and use of your Personal Information over the past 12 months. The
    categories of information are provided in this Privacy Notice in the Information We
    Collect About You section.
  • Right to Access and Request Deletion of Information. Former or current Employees
    or Applicants may request access to or deletion of information that was collected and
    used solely in the context of Employment. To the extent legally permissible, we will
    comply with requests from former or current Employees or Applicants who request
    access to or deletion of the information utilized in the context of Employment.
  • Right to Information Regarding Incentivized Data Sharing. We, or our affiliates, may
    run promotions from time to time whereby we incentivize an Employee or Applicant
    to share certain pieces of information, including Personal Information, with us.
    Participation in any of these promotions or their incentives is voluntary, and you may
    always opt out of any future data sharing at any time.
  • Right to Opt Out of Sale or Share of Personal Information to Third Parties. The CCPA
    defines “selling” Personal Information as disclosing it to an external party for
    monetary or other benefit. You have the right to opt out of any sale of data by Xperi
    to third parties. However, we currently do not sell your Personal Information to any
    third parties. You also have the right to opt out of the sharing of your Personal
    Information to third parties as well. Please note the right to opt out does not apply to
    our sharing of data with service providers or affiliates, who are parties we work with
    to perform a function on our behalf and who are legally and contractually obligated
    to use any Personal Information only for that function.
  • Notice of CA Employee and Applicant Data Collection and Sharing Practices. Xperi
    collectsthe categories of information described in the “Information We Collect About
    You” section above and has disclosed such categories of information for a business
    purpose within the preceding twelve (12) months.


We will respond to properly submitted and verified requests for access, disclosure, portability, or
deletion within 45 days.

Contacting Us in the US – CA:

Please see the “How to Contact Us” section to learn all of the ways in which you may contact us.
If you are concerned about Xperi’s compliance with California laws relating to the privacy of your
Personal Information, you may also contact the California Attorney General’s office.


The appropriate statutory body with jurisdiction to investigate any claims against Xperi Inc.
regarding possible unfair or deceptive practices and violations of laws or regulations covering
privacy is the Federal Trade Commission.


Email is the fastest way and most preferred way to contact us:

You may also contact us via direct mail in the United States at:

Xperi Inc.
Attn: Legal Department (Privacy Notice)
2190 Gold Street,
San Jose, CA 95002
United States

You may also contact us via direct mail in the European Union at:
DTS International Services GmbH
Maximiliamsplatz 22 80333

Please note that if you make a request that involves Personal Information, you will need to
provide certain authentication and verification information in order for us to respond to your


We reserve the right to update this Privacy Notice at any time and any changes are effective as
of the date of public posting.