DTS y HD Radio están transformando la experiencia automotriz con multimedia personalizada de alta calidad; radio digital nítida y sin suscripción; y detección en cabina impulsada por IA, que mejora enormemente el entretenimiento, la seguridad y la comodidad.


Llevando al límite la imagen y el sonido, DTS e IMAX Enhanced brindan experiencias de entretenimiento cinematográfico inmersivo con un audio emocionante e imágenes más claras y brillantes dondequiera que la gente escuche, mire y juegue.


TiVo acerca a las personas a su entretenimiento favorito más rápido que nunca, con una experiencia de usuario única, imágenes brillantes, recomendaciones personalizadas y más. Un único lugar para todo el contenido de hoy a través de TV en vivo, grabada, a pedido y streaming.


Con la tecnología de TiVo, nuestra plataforma de medios mejora el compromiso, la retención y la audiencia, y genera ingresos constantes para televisores inteligentes, reproductores multimedia y decodificadores de cable. Nuestras soluciones de publicidad integrales reducen distancias entre lo lineal y lo digital.


enero 10, 2023
Pay TV

TiVo’s Jon Heim and Matt McSweeney on...

OTT subscribers have fickle sensibilities and lots of options. So, what’s the best way to retain them and avoid churn?TiVo Discovery Solutions’ Jon Heim, Senior...
septiembre 1, 2022
Media Platform

The Arc of Entertainment Technology Innovation Should...

New technology innovations, shifting consumer expectations and disruptive global developments have radically — and rapidly — altered how digital entertainment is created, delivered and consumed....
Vestel TV with TiVo OS
agosto 31, 2022
Media Platform

Welcome to the next evolution of Smart...

Today at IFA, Xperi announced the launch of its independent media platform, TiVo OS. Consumer electronics leader Vestel will ship the first smart TVs Powered...
DTS 30th Anniversary logo
agosto 10, 2022
Consumer Electronics

Exemplifying Extraordinary: DTS + Cinespia Partnership Spotlight

Cinespia is a Los Angeles-based organization that brings movie magic to life with screenings of classic films throughout the year to an audience of hundreds...
People using Tivo OS on tv screen
julio 25, 2022
Pay TV

What’s Driving Pay-TV’s Next Big Trend?

Network Service Providers Have Opportunity to Help Consumers Address “Tyranny of Choice” by Offering Personalized Content Discovery Many observers have noted that we live in...
Person looking at multiple screens
julio 18, 2022
Media Platform

Inside Media Platforms and Monetization

Data Quality Replaces Quantity as Top Priority for Advertisers and Brand Managers In Search of Better Performance and Accountability The digital advertising industry has moved...
Man and women smiling in a car
junio 27, 2022
Connected Car

Getting to the Next Big Thing in...

Delivering seamless, integrated experiences that enable consumers to access and enjoy connectivity, content and services on the go are critical priorities for the automotive industry....
Woman recording a podcast
junio 17, 2022
Consumer Electronics

Emerging “Creator Economy” Raises Expectations for Audio...

The past decade has seen the emergence of a “creator economy” that is elevating quality expectations of user-generated content. It is a trend that accelerated...
DTS 30th Anniversary logo
mayo 6, 2022
Connected Car

National Association of Broadcasters Revs Up Again...

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show returned to Las Vegas in 2022 after a two-year hiatus and the DTS/Xperi booth was revved up in...
Connected Car CES booth
enero 19, 2022
Connected Car

Xperi Showcases Extraordinary Experiences at CES

We create extraordinary experiences at home and on the go for millions of consumers around the world, elevating content and how audiences connect with it...
DTS 30th Anniversary logo
septiembre 22, 2021
Connected Car

The Ultimate In-Cabin Experience: Multi-sensory, content-focused, and...

Creating the ultimate in-cabin experience can be done by building upon what is already a great foundation: radio. Through a combination of radio, audio content,...
DTS 30th Anniversary logo
julio 21, 2021
Connected Car

World’s First Neuromorphic In-Cabin Sensing is an...

Traditional imaging-based sensing poses privacy concerns that make deploying a personalized in-cabin experience harder than it needs to be. To overcome such concerns, sensor fusion...
DTS 30th Anniversary logo
abril 26, 2021
Connected Car

DTS Connected Car Technology Highlighted on Mashable

Why your next car might track passengers with radar Xperi’s pursuit in developing groundbreaking safety technology to be used in Connected Cars was recently covered...
DTS 30th Anniversary logo
abril 8, 2021
Connected Car

Xperi and DTS Panel Discussion: In-Car Entertainment,...

Xperi’s own Bob Dillon is on this panel about the future of In-car infotainment and in-car entertainment. Some of the questions addressed live: How is...