Employee Spotlight: Kat Stermer, Chair of Women in Tech @ Xperi Employee Resource Group 

Kat Stermer, Chair of Women in Tech @ Xperi Employee Resource Group
marzo 25, 2024 Xperi Women in Tech @ Xperi
Employee Resource Group

What is your role at Xperi?  

In my role as the manager of connected radio metadata, I lead a team of editors in Bengaluru, India. We primarily support DTS AutoStage and HD Radio. We deliver high-quality metadata for our vehicle original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers and radio broadcasters. If you own an HD Radio-enabled vehicle, we make sure you can see the correct radio station logos and get images of artists and song information of songs playing on the radio. 

What inspired you to join Women in Tech (WiT) @ Xperi? 

At my former company, I helped launch an international women’s network and was a site leader for my division. In addition, I was the leader of the green team improving sustainability.  

When I attended my first WiT event at Xperi I was very inspired by the talented women and enjoyed some great workshops and spotlight events. I knew early on that I wanted to become involved and eventually join the leadership team. 

Why did you wish to become the chair of WiT? 

I have lived in different countries (Germany, Italy, Canada, United States) and have always enjoyed leading international teams and developing people. When I heard there was a need to develop WiT into an international organization I was thrilled. This for me was the moment to step up and apply my leadership skills and my passion for working internationally.  

What programs or efforts has WiT undertaken are you most proud to have taken part in? 

My goal for WiT in 2023 was connecting women around the world and building a global organization. We have accomplished this great endeavor: WiT has now regional leaders and local chapters in APAC, EMEA, India and the U.S.  

Another great accomplishment for our team has been the launch of our highly successful career networking circles. We launched this program to help women build their network and learn about career-related topics from each other in small groups. 

I am also very excited about our new partnership with the career platform Fairygodboss, in collaboration with our HR partners. This is a great resource for women to connect within the industry and helps promote Xperi as an employer of choice for women.     

What is one underrated skill you think women in the workplace have? 

Women build strong, caring relationships, which helps them as leaders build high-performing teams and networks across an organization.