Xperi Showcases Cutting-Edge Innovations at NAB Show 2024

23 4 月, 2024 Xperi

The NAB Show in Las Vegas is an important industry event that attracts thousands of professionals from the broadcast, media and entertainment sectors. In 2024, with over 90,000 attendees converging at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Xperi exhibited a wide array of inventive technologies with more than 290 customer meetings, nearly 45 pieces of news coverage and multiple awards wins.

Showcasing Immersive Technology

At the Xperi booth, we showcased how the power of connected entertainment seamlessly integrates Xperi technologies, focusing on the immersive cabin experience via our star attractions, DTS AutoStage and HD Radio. Attendees were treated to exclusive demos of the in-cabin entertainment technologies, as showcased in a Hyundai Sonata featuring DTS AutoStage, a BMW i7 equipped with DTS AutoStage Video Service Powered by TiVo and a BMW R18 motorcycle showcasing HD Radio capabilities. Additionally, the team made a key announcement at the start of the show, highlight new insights from DTS AutoStage Broadcaster Portal, spotlighting Q1 data insights on top genres and songs in both domestic and international markets. This data underscores Xperi’s commitment to providing actionable insights for broadcasters seeking to optimize content and tap into unused monetization strategies.

A few feet down the show floor road, our partner IMAX also had a booth where the excitement around IMAX Enhanced was palpable. Attendees were able to experience demos of the heart-pounding visual and sound features of IMAX Enhanced on Disney+ at the booth, but more importantly, on the first day of the show, April 14, IMAX, Xperi and Disney announced that IMAX Enhanced on Disney+ would soon include sound by DTS. Starting May 15, the digitally remastered concert film “Queen Rock Montreal” will be available in IMAX Enhanced, inclusive of sound by DTS. Additionally, Disney+ users will have access to 18 existing Marvel titles in IMAX Enhanced sound by DTS.

Keeping the Industry Talking

Underlining Xperi’s commitment to industry dialogue and collaboration, Joe D’Angelo, senior vice president of global radio and digital audio, and George Cernat, senior director of business development for broadcasting, led a thought-provoking discussion on broadcaster needs, titled “Small and Medium Market Radio Forum Connected Car Roundtable.” Additionally, Joe D’Angelo provided insights into the broadcaster-centric features of DTS AutoStage through a comprehensive presentation, “DTS AutoStage: Your Station, Your Content, Your Analytics,” revealing how Xperi empowers broadcasters to optimize content programming and expand their audience reach.

Sven Mevissen, director of product management for home and media solutions, spearheaded a dynamic panel conversation with Deston Bennett of IMAX where they discussed, “IMAX Enhanced: Elevating Home Entertainment to Blockbuster Heights,” diving into the benefits and synergies of the IMAX Enhanced program and elaborating on the specifics of how audiences can capitalize on IMAX’s visual prowess and DTS’s immersive sound technology.

Furthermore, Xperi proudly sponsored the Broadcasting Hall of Fame awards, where Geir Skaaden, chief product and services officer, delivered opening remarks, paying tribute to industry achievers and their contributions to broadcasting history.

Taking Home the Gold

Xperi took home some pivotal industry awards that further showcase our commitment to innovation and growth:

  • NAB Innovation Award for the innovative in-vehicle gaming features of DTS AutoStage
  • Radio World’s Best of Show 2024 award for AIM Player

With another successful NAB under our belts, we look forward to next year’s show where we will continue our commitment to helping deliver better user entertainment experiences.